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Technical assistance

Since 2009, the Regional Office for Cross Border Cooperation Suceava hosts of the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) of the Programme and assists the Joint Managing Authority (JMA) and the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) in carrying out their respective duties. Specifically, JTS:

  • Performs  secretariat  function  for  the    Joint  Monitoring  Committee  (tasks include    organizing    the    meetings,        preparation    and    mailing    of    the documentation  as  well  as  writing  minutes  of  the  meetings,  preparing  Joint Monitoring Committee decisions on project selection);
  • Under  the  JMA  supervision,  co-ordinates  project  generation  by  organizing info-days  with  public  sessions  offered  to  potential  applicants  regarding  the application procedures;
  • Supports JMA in preparation of application package;
  • Collects and registers all project applications;
  • Organizes  the  evaluation  sessions  and  ensures  the  secretariat  functions  for evaluation committees;
  • Carries  out  information and  publicity  activities  and  public  relations  work  (e.g. seminars,   conferences,   partnership   forums,   creation,   maintenance   and updating of a web-site, etc.) under the supervision of the Managing Authority, and according to information and communication plan;
  • Co-ordinates and supervise the activity of JTS  branch offices;
  • Co-operates  with  organizations,  institutions  and  networks  relevant  for  the objectives of the Programme;
  • With the support of the JTS branch offices, organizes and co-ordinates the monitoring of the projects, including the corresponding site visits;
  • Receives  and  carries  out  the  operational  and  financial  verification  of  the requests for payments, submitted by the beneficiaries, together with the report and a checklist of the supporting documents; Sends the verified documents to the  JMA  with  a  notification  regarding  the  regularity  and  compliance  with  the eligibility rules of the expenditure;
  • Introduces the data in the monitoring computerized system;
  • Assists the beneficiaries in implementing the projects.
The JTS will function in two locations: Regional Office for Cross Border Cooperation Suceava (headquarters) and Regional Office for Cross Border Cooperation Iasi. The  activities  of  Iasi  office  will  be  related  to  the  Romanian  counties:  Iasi,  Vaslui, Galati, Tulcea and Braila, the Ukrainian Oblast Odeska and the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova.
Branch offices in Ukraine and Moldova are hosted by organizations/institutions nominated by national authorities in the partner countries and specific activities are conducted under service contracts concluded between the Regional Office for CBC Suceava and these organizations/institutions.
The JTS branch offices have the following tasks, under the JTS coordination:
  • promote the Programme in its area;
  • offer assistance in project development and search for partners;
  • offer support in project implementation;
  • support in project monitoring (involved in carrying out verification on – site, especially in organizing on-site visits to project partners locations in specific area).