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ENPI Programme structures

The  management  and  administration  of  the  Programme is organized according  to  the  Commission  Regulation  (EC)  No  951/2007  laying  down  the implementing rules for ENPI CBC, and consist of the following joint structures:

Joint Monitoring Committee The main decision making structure, including representatives appointed by each participating country;

Joint   Managing   Authority the executive   body   having   the   overall responsibility  for  managing  the  Programme.  Ministry  of  Development,  Public Works and Housing in Romania was jointly designated by all countries to fulfill this function;

Joint  Technical  Secretariat structure  that  will  directly  assists  the  Joint Managing  Authority  in  the  execution  of  its  tasks.  Given  the  programmes complexity  and  its  wide  geographical  range  of  action,  JTS  will  establish branch  offices  in  partner  countries  which  will  ensure  the  proper  publicity regarding  the  programme  and  information of  the  potential  applicants  and beneficiaries;

Audit Authority structure located in Romania, carries out the annual ex-post financial audit on the accounts of the JMA.