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General objectives and priorities

Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Moldova funded by the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) 2007-2013 was adopted by European Commission Decision no. 3806 of 29.07.2008.

The program aims to support projects that promote economic and social development, environmental protection, emergency prepardness, investment projects in transport infrastructure, energy, clean water supplies, and actions of local communities that promotes educational, cultural and sports actions , civil society development, etc. Projects must have a cross-border impact and be developed in partnership organizations on either sides of the border. To be eligible, a project must involve at least one partner from Romania and one partner from Ukraine / Moldova.

General Objective
Improve the economic, social and environmental situation in the programme area in the context of secure borders, through strong partnerships on both sides of the border.


Priority 1: Towards a more competitive border economy
The aim of the Priority 1 is to improve the economic performance of the border   area   through   the   diversification   and      modernization   in   a sustainable manner, of the border economy.

Measures underpinning this priority will be:

  • 1.1 Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the region‟s urban and rural areas by working across borders;
  • 1.2 Cross border initiatives in transport, border infrastructure and energy.

Priority 2: Environmental challenges and emergency preparedness
The  aim  of  the  priority  will  be  to  develop  long  term  solutions  to  the environmental  problems  faced  by  the  border  areas,  particularly  those associated  with  water  and  sewerage  management  systems  as  well  as environmental emergencies, where a coordinated  approach is essential.

Measures underpinning this priority will be:

  • 2.1  Addressing  strategic  cross border  environmental  challenges  including emergency preparedness;
  • 2.2 Water supply, sewerage and waste management.

Priority 3:  People to People Cooperation
The aim of this priority is to promote greater interaction between people and communities living in the border areas.

Measures underpinning this priority will be:

  • 3.1   Local   and   regional   governance,   support   to   civil   society   and   local communities;
  • 3.2   Educational, social and cultural exchanges.

Priority 4: Technical Assistance
The  aim  of  Technical  Assistance  is  to  achieve  effective  and  efficient implementation of the Programme by enhanced preparatory, monitoring, administrative   and   technical   support,   and   by   ensuring   the   widest participation possible among the public.

The technical assistance will consist of two main components:

  • Programme management and implementation
  • Publicity and information

More information about the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Moldova 2007-2013 is available on the website of the program: http://www.ro-ua-md.net/programme/documents/official-documents/