Rules on financing 2004

Minimum requests as follows:

  • “People to people” projects: 10% co-financing from the beneficiary;
  • Institution building projects: as a general rule, 10% co-financing by the beneficiary and/or from public funds;
  • Investment projects: at least 25% co-financing from public.

Additionally, in the context of the Neighbourhood Programme Romania – Ukraine, the following rules will apply:

  • The grant schemes will be jointly co-financed between Phare and government resources.
  • The rate of Phare support within the total support will be 75%, while the Romanian government will contribute 25%.
  • The ratio between the Phare and the national amount is binding and has to be applied to the “final contract price”.
  • The rate of the generally available maximum support (Phare and national co-financing) is 90% of the total cost of the projects to be supported, and at least 10% has to be provided as own resources by the beneficiaries. No resources which have been assisted by PHARE, other EU support or governmental support, may be taken into account as beneficiary’s / beneficiaries contribution