Programme Structures

Joint Monitoring Committee

The Joint Monitoring Committee will observe the monitoring of the Programme implementation and ensure the achievement of the Programme objectives through a rational use of the allocated resources.

Managing Authority

According to article 25 of ENI CBC Implementing Regulations no 897/2014, participating countries have nominated the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration11 (RO), as Managing Authority.

The Managing Authority shall be responsible for managing the programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management and for ensuring that decisions of the Joint Monitoring Committee comply with the applicable law and provisions, as foreseen by Article 26 of ENI CBC Implementing Regulations no 897/2014.

The Managing Authority shall also ensure that the internal organization of the Management and Control system is in compliance with the principle of separation of functions between and within such bodies as stipulated in the Article 30 the Commission Implementing Regulations no 897/2014.

National Authorities

Each participating country appointed a National Authority to support the Managing Authority in the management of the programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management.
Romania appointed through the Government Decision no. 1183/2014, as National Authority, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration. The functions of National Authority will be fulfilled by a unit working independently of the Managing Authority, the Unit for National Authorities for European Programmes, working together with supporting units within MRDPA on issues related to irregularities and recovery of funds unduly paid to Romanian beneficiaries), and ensuring a suitable segregation of functions.
Ukraine appointed as National Authority, the Ministry of Economy and Trade.
The National Authority in Ukraine is the ultimate responsible body for implementing the provisions

Joint Technical Secretariat and Branch Offices

The JTS will directly assist the MA in the execution of the various tasks. More information regarding JTS tasks within another section.

In order to ensure a better communication with the Ukrainian stakeholders and to facilitate their access to information related to the programme, but also for supporting MA in evaluation process and implementation follow-up, two JTS branch offices shall be established in Ukraine, both in the Northern and Southern part of the programme area.

Audit Authority

The Audit Authority within the Romanian Courts of Accounts was appointed by the participating countries as the Audit Authority for the Programme.
In performing its tasks, the Audit Authority functions independent from the Managing Authority.

Group of Auditors

The Audit Authority is assisted by a group of auditors comprising representatives of Ukraine and Romania.
The institutions acting as members of the Group of Auditors (GoAs) in each country are:
– for Romania: the Court of Accounts-Audit Authority, Directorate for ERDF.
– for Ukraine: the Ukrainian Accounting Chamber.

Control Contact Point

Each participating country appointed one control contact point to assist the MA in carrying out verification throughout the whole Programme area.
Romania appointed the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRPA) as the control contact point in Romania. The function of control contact point shall be performed by a specialized unit within First Level Control Directorate, responsible with first level control for the cross border cooperation programmes starting with programming period 2007-2013. This unit is working independently of MA, ensuring suitable segregation of functions with the management and audit levels.